The number of songs on the new album and their titles.


I greet you all. The new album is coming faster and faster. At the moment, I'm only missing three songs and the album will be ready. With this comes another thing, the album will have twelve tracks instead of eleven. Ten songs will be the theme of the album, the eleventh song will be an extended version of one song from the previous album and the twelfth song that is newly added will be my own version of "Secret Garden - The Things You Are To Me (Brendan Graham, Rolf Lovland). This because the song inspired me for song number six, so my version of Secret Garden will be a combination of these two songs.

And to make matters worse, here for the first time I will tell you all the names of the songs that will be on the new album:

01. Together (Společně)

02. There is no sun without night (Není slunce bez noci)

03. Upřímně (Honestly)

04. Melody of our hearts (Melodie našich srdcí)

05. Forever (Navždy)

06. Love is my answer (Láska je mou odpovědí)

07. To give love and to be loved by love (Lásku dát a láskou být milován)

08. The most beautiful dream (Nejkrásnější sen)

09. Spark of my heart (Jiskra mého srdce)

10. I will always return to you (Já se k tobě vždy vrátím)

11. First knight, first qeen (První rytíř, první královna)

12. Secret garden by Petr Míka