After more than a month, I bring you another batch of music. This time we're going to toughen it up a bit and have some symphonic metal from Finland, specifically the band Nightwish and their most famous song called "NEMO" from their most famous album "Once" from 2004.

For the first anniversary of the release of my second album FOREVER, I have prepared for YOU its complete release in the form of music videos on YouTube. Here you will find all twelve tracks.

How did the Piano Petr Míka project come about? How did I get into music? What is my inspiration? How is the creative process of composing music? You will find answers to these and many other questions in the new Promo interview.

News 02/2024


So what's new with me? How is the work on the new album going? And a small surprise awaits you in the video.

Yes, it is. After more than two years, I'm bringing you another surprise in the new year in the form of uploading the entire Love, Faith, Hope DVD to YouTube so you can watch it anywhere. I wish you a pleasant viewing and pleasant listening.

I wish you all the best for the new year 2024. You can find my heartfelt wishes in the video and in addition there is a surprise in the form of a sample from my forthcoming album "TIME OF STORY".

2023 Recap


Recap of the musical year 2023 on the music platform Spotify, information about the new album "TIME OF STORY", Christmas competition.

Yes, it is. The third album is already in the preparation phase and for the first time I will share some details with you.

Today I officially release my first original composition, which I wrote back in 2008. Today you can finally listen to it too. As it is a digital single only, the track will not be available for physical purchase. You can listen to it here.

Yes it's right. The second album is finally finished. As I mentioned in the previous article, there will be 12 songs on the album. At the moment, I still have the final mastering and the classic things like printing CD covers and stickers, etc...

It will be almost one whole year since my first album called "LOVE, FAITH, HOPE" was released. I want to thank everyone who showed interest in the album, there were really many of you (honestly more than I could have ever hoped for). I am also happy for your comments and feedback that you like the album and that each...

To shorten the wait for the new album, here is a little surprise from me in the form of a song that will be number 02 on the album and called - There is no Sun without Night. I wish you a pleasant listening and I will be happy for every share ;-).

I greet you all. The new album is coming faster and faster. At the moment, I'm only missing three songs and the album will be ready. With this comes another thing, the album will have twelve tracks instead of eleven. Ten songs will be the theme of the album, the eleventh song will be an extended version of one song...

Greetings to you all after a long hiatus. First of all, I wish you all the best for the new year 2022, so that it will be better than the last year, so that we can manage everything well and endure.