"Táborský deník" and newspaper article.


Today, March 27, 2021, an article was published in the Táborský deník in support of the release of the album "LOVE, FAITH, HOPE". I wish you a pleasant reading.

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Twenty-eight-year-old Petr Míka from Tábor found his way to music as early as childhood. In 2007, he started learning his first instrument. "I played the keyboard at the Basic Art School in Sezimov Ústí," the young artist recalled. He is now releasing his first author's album under the title Love, faith, hope. However, he also has other artistic ambitions and interesting hobbies.

He was drawn to music in his life for many reasons. "I mainly wanted to broaden my horizons. That's when I also started making amateur films with a friend, and that's how I also encountered the editing of music and sound tracks in video," explained Petr Míka.

After completing a year at the Basic Art School, he composed his first composition entitled Rock with you, which was premiered at the meeting of the Chýnov Elementary School Friends Club. "Another performance followed in Germany at a summer film camp. Music also accompanied me in high school, when I was a member of the volunteer theater Divadélko Múzika for three years," he added, adding that, in addition to acting, he musically accompanied the production of Doctor's Tale.

At the same time he swords, spits fire and spins

In addition to playing the piano and composing compositions, he is engaged in historical-scenic fencing in the group Elysium Tábor. "It is a period association that is dedicated to historical-scenic fencing," he specified. Petr continues to devote himself to sports and historical archery, fire shows, reading, watching movies and series.

"And even when pursuing these hobbies, music doesn't leave me," he points out. The fencing and the fights for the spectators are supported by music. "Fiery performances are prepared to certain music, and I also always play film music while reading," explained Petr Míka. In addition to all this, he does not forget to devote himself to filmmaking and subsequent post-production; editing, sound and image quality.

Now his first music album is about to see the light of day. "Yes, I'm finally releasing it," laughs Petr. He says finally because he started working on it seven years ago. "In 2014, with the support of my family, I bought a digital piano, so I finally managed to finish it after years," he says.

Album linked to the town of Tábor and taste

The name Love, Faith, Hope was chosen for the album, and it is a symbolic name. "I named it after the three attributes that are depicted in the Klokot Monastery in Tábor. It contains ten songs, only instrumental, because I only sing in self-defense and in the car," jokes Petr Míka.

And what inspired him to compose? "Probably life itself, happy moments, but also the sadder ones, life's successes, but also missteps. I always try to instill my feelings into the composition so that after listening it is clear what was behind each song, but every listener can find themselves in it himself," he explained, noting that his musical taste also influenced him at the same time. "I mostly listen to symphonic metal Nightwish and film music by Hans Zimmer, John Williams and the like," he revealed to himself.

Those interested can purchase the album via his website, where you can listen to three tracks to get an idea. "Of course, a video clip was created for the album, which is created for all the songs and is part of the DVD carrier," mentioned Petr Míka. The video clip was created on the premises of the Klokot Monastery. "I would therefore like to thank Jiří Můček, Jiří Vách, Janka Pecherová, the Roman Catholic Parish of Tábor-Klokoty and the Bishopric of České Budějovice for enabling the realization in the monastery premises," says the artist.

If people change their mind about the current measures around the coronavirus, they can probably meet him every Sunday on the traffic playground in Tábor. "We have regular fencing training there. Furthermore, every year at the Tábor meetings in the parade, and of course you can find me on social networks. As for music performances or online broadcasts, I think it's still very early, but if I'm lucky state, I will not resist it," he said optimistically.

He does not plan a professional career

He jokingly stated that he sees himself in his own castle in the future. He never even thought about becoming a professional musician who goes on tour after tour and releases one album after another. "I like my peace, although I am active in my spare time and have a number of hobbies, but as they say, never say never," he said vaguely.

Either way, he's already fulfilled his dream by finishing the album and releasing it to the world. "I fulfilled another dream by taking part in the shooting of Petr Jákl's feature film Jan Žižka. Although I only play an extra, it is still a wish come true. But also by knowing in my life what it is like to give love and to be loved by love " added Petr Míka in conclusion.